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We have a selection of presentations designed for different audiences, including students, parents, teachers and corporate clients. Please see the descriptions below. 

Social Skills for Life

These presentations are designed to give teenagers advice on personal safety, define rape, sexual assault, consent, as well as examine how online hard core pornography, sexting and social media are influencing attitudes behaviours and expectations.

Body Image

This interactive presentation is subtitled: ‘Altered, Airbrushed and Unrealistic” for boys and girls. This is very interactive and popular for both genders.

Porn: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

This talk examines how porn influences teenagers’ behaviours, expectations & attitudes. We ask if they fear they are becoming de-sensitised to the sexual messages found throughout Media today, including TV, adverts, music videos.  How does erotica differ from hard core porn? We also look at the physiological & emotional effects porn can have on an individual.

The Big Leap

This presentation is designed for Year 13 students to raise awareness about the dramatic transition from school to university. Elements include Freshers Week, GAP Year, Porn, ‘Lad-itute,’ Safety Issues, Sex and Alcohol amongst others.


Digital Natives

For Students Years 7-9 & Parents:  This presentation is aimed at exploring what young people are doing on online. We focus on issues surrounding Sexting, Cyber Bullying, Online Grooming, and Online Pornography. There are plenty of studies linking 24/7 access to the Internet to self-esteem and mental health issues, and we want our kids to understand the negative as well positive aspects to life online. To conclude, we share practical advice on maintaining a positive digital footprint, protect privacy, set boundaries and practice kindness online.


The Big Leavers: This RAP is pitched specifically to Primary students in Year 6. We review the physical and emotional changes they will soon experience in adolescence and discuss the realities of growing up in both the physical and online worlds.  We examine the importance of self-esteem, peer pressure and how they can take more responsibility for their actions as they transition from primary to secondary school.  If they are new to smart phones and tablets, they need to be aware that not all online content and videos are appropriate and can be damaging. We empower our young audience with the concepts of respecting others, personal space and privacy, personal and online safety, cyber bullying, and consent.

Lets Rap about the Birds and  Bees: This RAP is aimed at parents of children aged 9-11. Kids at this age are coping with physical changes as well as being exposed to social media and digital content. Moving schools often means taking public transport independently for the first time, and perhaps getting a smart phone for the first time. We aim to help parents examine the pressures our children are facing as they grow up in the physical and online world. How can parents speak to their children about sensitive subjects including puberty, sexual curiosity and online behaviour? We share useful resources and practical guidelines to help parents initiate well informed, age appropriate conversations on all of these issues.

Please contact us here if you would like to book us to come and talk to your school.

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